Celebrate 3 years of The Game of Life 2 with a 9th lifelong adventure through the El Dorado world!

From the depths of the ocean to life on the moon, the 9 worlds of The Game of Life 2 are the adorable escape you need

The Game of Life 2 launched three years and nine worlds ago! Thousands of lives later the adventures continue. 

Every world is unique, crafted with passion for a lifetime of joy. Experience the sparkling snows and glittering icicles of Frozen Lands, then travel to Sandy Shores for endless blue skies and everlasting sunshine. Dive beneath the waves and make friends with fishes Under the Sea, then drift into space and build a home in orbit, in the Lunar Age!

In nine worlds, The Game of Life 2 takes you from the prehistoric Age of Giants, where dinosaurs rule, to Sweet Haven, an island floating on pink candy clouds. There is an adventure for every mood and the El Dorado world adds pure gold to the collection.

The El Dorado World

With El Dorado, we invite players to set off on a lifelong adventure, defining their journey with every decision. In this magical and mysterious world, twisted roots thread through ancient ruins and sparkling streams dance through glittering settlements. Players will also note an abundance of capybaras!

El Dorado is inspired by classic adventure stories, and includes plenty of pop-culture references hidden in the outfit choices, vehicles and architecture. Set off as an adventurous archaeologist, or a pilot. Hop in your vintage car or improvised helicopter, and discover the path as you play! 

It’s been a busy three years, with nine worlds released in a collection filled with passion, imagination and joy. Experience the magic of life in new worlds now on mobile, PC, and popular consoles.

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