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About the Game

Join fellow detectives all over the world to gather crucial evidence, interrogate suspects and solve the original murder mystery. It’s a fresh take on the iconic board game, new for 2023. Use your skills of deduction to solve the crime and find out who? With what? Where? There are six suspects, six weapons, nine rooms, and only one answer! Follow your suspects to stunning international locations, unlocking motives and alibis as you go. Crack each case by the original rules, or approach your inquiry from fresh angles. With new and exclusive styles of investigation you can examine all suspects at the same time, relying on your deductive skills to find the answers! Solve the mystery your way and become the detective you want to be!



New 3D Edition

Step into the new, animated 3D board and solve the mystery

The Tudor Mansion

Investigate and explore the complete original Crime Scene

New Case Files

Uncover interview transcripts, evidence, motives and more

Ultimate Detective

Interrogate your fellow suspects and solve cases fast

Clue Cards

Play with added Clue Cards to unlock bonus moves as you play

Ad-free Game

Focus on the mystery with zero ads and zero interruptions

Single player

Take on our expert AI players at different levels of difficulty

Online multiplayer

Play with detectives around the world, or with your friends



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